Student Dream Boss Talk

Talk I gave for the Student Dream Boss Talk Event in which I shared my experience creating my app My College Hustle. Start: 13:00 Coming up with the idea for My College Hustle: 14:35 Finding a team to build the app: 19:25 Releasing an  MVP: 23:45 My first user: 25:45 Mentor shoutout (Daniel DiPiazza)!: 30:12 Pavlok shoutout: […]

Why a Good Business Partner Can Be Bad

Too often we hear reasons as to why business partners can be bad. If you have an argument, then who gets the business? What if one partner doesn’t pull their weight? However, I’m coming from a different perspective. This is for those that have had an amazing business partner, so good that they allowed you […]

How to Win and Leverage Business Plan Competitions

Before graduating college, I won over $20,000 from business competitions, pitched my idea to Mark Cuban, traveled for free, and rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. I often reminisce and wonder…how the heck did I do that?! Those accomplishments were the result of amazing opportunities I took advantage of, and you can […]

Why A Coffee Shop is the Best Place to Boost Creativity

There must be a science behind this… There is a five year old playing on a piano. The smell of delicious brownies is permeating the air. There are several mini conversations happening around me. Despite all of this, I have been exponentially more focused and productive than I would be in the comfort of my […]

3 Steps to Becoming A Less Judgmental Person

I will be the first to admit that I can be judgmental. We all have our preconceived notions about people based on the way they look or a first impression. We rarely give people the benefit of the doubt. There have been several times when I caught myself being unnecessarily judgmental and had to quickly […]